SPACED is a collaborative team management tool for web3 that I lead the design for, and ultimately became partner and Co-Founder of the company co-leading investments, managing hires, and establishing a foundation for engineering and design to scale the company to 15+ full time employees.

  • Role

    Chief Design Officer

  • Areas of Focus

    BizDev, Marketing, Copy, App, TDD(s), Internal, Community,
    Platform, SaaS,Design Notebook, Design System, and more...

Anytime. Anywhere.

Early on, I joined Spaced to solve one problem statement for the web3 era. How can we simplify and merge project management with on-demand help all under one ecosystem?

How can we enable people to assemble their own team, man their own "lemonade stand", and decentralize and simplify project management by merging two worlds: "on-demand hiring", and "task-management".

Team Building

I set out to finalize,

Our Design System

Closing Remarks, isn't final. It will continue to evolve iteration after iteration. My two years spent designing, developing, guiding, and leading the way for this project has taught me a breadth of depth that is hard to display in full. There are so many little things, interally and externally that I'd love to show in more depth that I can't on this page without mudding the water, and distorting the vision that is a powerful app.

Core Systems

Special Thanks

Many thanks go to Hira Jamshed (Lead Product) whom help clean up the design system, formulate designs that scaled, and supported the design.